Desarrollos A&P, is a company that effectively offers solutions in optimization and controlled movement in control and automation processes, motors and gears, magnetic technology, automotive sector, electromobility and wind energy, with a joint or combined vision, complying with the highest quality standards, assisting the client in the most efficient technological selection to achieve their objectives.
We as a company offer optimum performance in industrial technological applications, generating efficiency and profitability.

Our commitment is aimed at all kinds of industries, such as: Petrochemistry, Automotive, Railroad, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Cement, Iron and steel, Mining, Food, Storage, Wind, Magnetic.

Our human capital, updated day by day, to offer customers the highest quality standards internationally, thus achieving total satisfaction in efficiency and profitability.


We seek to provide the best and most innovative technological solutions in optimization and functionality, meeting the most demanding standards in quality and service, achieving true satisfaction and trust in our customers.


To offer excellent products, that manage to innovate and optimize work in different industries, as well as advise and support our clients, providing them with the best and most effective solutions.


Service, Quality and Innovation